Wednesday, August 3, 2011

my 1st photoshop class

Today having my new chapter...
Sir brief about some tools and color

1. Marquee Tool

  • Rectangular Marquee-Makes a rectangular selection (or a square, when used with the Shift key).
  • Elliptical Marquee-Makes an elliptical selection (or a circle, when used with the Shift key).
  • Single Row or Single Column Marquee-Defines the border as a 1‑pixel‑wide row or column.
2. Option Bar

Selection options
A. New
Add To
Subtract From
Intersect With
3. Lasso Tool 
- simply drag a freehand selection 
- simply click at a spot
- continue holding your mouse button down and drag to draw a freeform selection outline
4. Polygonal Lasso Tool
- mostly use to select those object that straight-sided path (furniture)
- just by clicking
- press 'backspace' to undo the previous point
5. Magnetic Lasso Tool
- detect edges only within the specified distance from the pointer
- contrast sharply (black & white picture)
6. Color (B.U.M)
- ctrl + B: color balance
- ctrl + U: Hue/Saturation 
** can control specific color example like just change the color of red 
- ctrl + M: Curves
** adjust the lightness and darkness
*** is better to adjust 3 of them, the picture look nicer
7. shortcut key
  • F - rotate through full screen mode
  • a) ctrl+T - resize picture
  • b) ctrl+T, ctrl - resize the edge (make it slightly slant)
  • ctrl+D - deselect all/remove the outline of lasso & marquee
  • ctrl+J - new layer

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