Wednesday, February 23, 2011

my 1st flash class

Today is my 1st class of flash... I've no idea what's that!! Just saw some of my MMU friends make a video using that!!! So, i've ask Sir what's that and why we wanna use it for website~ Sir shows me some of his website... wow!! Amazing~ Flash make the website more special and it looks nicer!! *thumb up*

Today class just about playing with the tools!!! Nothing much special~ The end sir teach me to make a simple animation!!! Then, i draw a chicken... cause i really dont know what should i draw!! I really have been long time never draw!! ^^ I just draw something in my mind!!! But overall quite fun playing with those tools!!!

But, i feel very disappointed about myself when sir asked me whether im interested to work as part time or not!!! Im too shy to say yes... Cause i feel that im still not confident about myself!!! Im worrying that i'll upset sir~ screw up everything!!!! Actually i just think too much!! I should give myself a try~ a chance to prove myself!! But i have give up... I have let the chance flew away!!!

You must remember.... no more second time!!! Next time if sir ask me... i should just say 'why not'!! 'Can i try out since im so free at home and i also wanna get myself a job??!!'

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