Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Year's Eve

Chinese New Year is right here soon... A day that i've wait for around 1month~ Finally is here!!! So excited now!!! hehe.... :)

This year abit different from previous because of grandma's health problem.... so we have to celebrate at uncle house!!! Usually we'll have our reunion dinner at grandma there... She'll cook for us!! But this year she cant make it, so afternoon will my mom and aunt prepare then at nite will have steambot at grandma there!! Taiwan style ^^

Aunt and uncle give us red packet right after our dinner!!! ^^ The most warming part is grandma because aunt ask us must give her a big warmth hug, kisses and wishes before we take red packet from grandma!! hehe... Really funny and warming!!! So touching~ We really never hug grandma since we are young until now!!! I dont know why at that moment my tears keep on rolling in my eyes!!

I looked at grandma.... she's weaker and weaker!! When we saw her in Malacca... she still can talk with us!! But now nope~ Grandma, you must get well soon!! We miss your voice~ I Love You

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