Thursday, February 3, 2011

The 1st day of CNY

In the morning we go to grandma house and have our breakfast~ Cause is the 1st day of CNY so is the vege day!! That day everyone dress up their new clothe, new style.... everyone look great and pretty!! After that we take a family picture as memorial~ so sweet!!! ^^

After that we go to grandma there and stay awhile~ today she's better.... she willing to talk to us!!! hehe... ^^ But she got alot of sputum!! At nite time she suddenly sick and has admitted to hospital!!! Really worrying about her!! But luckily she's better now!!

At nite we go to uncle house and have dinner with all the relative!! This year he prepared malay food!! Not chinese food~ And we had play 'tikam'!! A Taiwan game~ We have to pay the red packet from 1 paper! There's alot of it for you to choose!!! It so interesting.... everyone like fight for RM100... But the end i lose~ Not even a single cent pay back!!! ^^ But i still enjoy that moment!!

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