Wednesday, July 6, 2011

my 5th fireworks class

Today class is about creating a webpage with fireworks...
and creating the menu bar....
It's abit complicated on saving them~
but overall still ok!

1st: webpage
1) simply design your stuff
2) make and design a menu bar for such as 'abt us', 'contact us' and so on
3) type the name for menu
>>> contact us, abt us, menu
4) F8 > make it as button
5) double click it > symbol > click to 'state'
6) design anything for the 'up', 'over', 'down' and 'over while down'
7) use the 'slice tool' to slice it into part
>>> part that u wanna do animation, button and so on
8) at the button there's a 'small round white circle' and click it
9) choose 'add pop-up menu' and design it
>>> type in the name of your sub sub menu
10) at the 'page' and make another page
11) click on the'button' > link (which page u want it link to)
12) when it done, save it so that in case u wanna make changes
13) File > Export
*** 1st page must put in 'index'

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