Wednesday, March 23, 2011

my 5th flash class

This class is about 'shape'...
using the shape to create motion!
Means the shape will be moving..
It almost same with create 'motion'!!
Just the difference between them is
right click at the bar
'create shape tween'~
just pull the shape u want!!!
That's it~

1st: create the shape u want
2nd: click 'F7' at the timeline (where u want the shape change)
3rd: create another shape
4th: between the 1st and 2nd shape of the timeline, 'right' click and choose 'shape motion'

And today Sir gave me 2task
- smoking
- apple

About the smoking task,
just play around with the shape that Sir has create!!
Make it like the smoke moving!!
And, same goes to the curtain!!!

About the apple task,
have to draw an apple and color it!!
Create the shape tween~
from 'A' to 'apple' then back to 'A'
ending will be the word
At 1st,
input letter 'A'~
click on the 'modify' and 'break apart'
(if there's few words, it must break apart till it become slightly light and full of white dots)
before u 'create shape tween'!!!
The last part is
at the starting keyframe of the 'A'
click 'modify' then find the 'shape' and choose 'add shape hint'
this is to let the shape change nicely!!! ^^
That's it!!

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