Wednesday, March 9, 2011

my 3rd flash class

There's a tough task for me!!!
It making the 'UFO'~
It was so complicated!!!
At the layer there....
to make the picture move (animate)
right click then 'create motion tween'!!
At the mean time if dont want the animate, can 'remove' it~
Then will see the graphic move at the place there's motion and stop moving when it no motion!!
At the keyframe there~
when click it there's a 'edit' at 'properties'~
It let u adjust how fast & slow the graphic move!!!
From the picture..... also can adjust the 'color' to make it become no color or what!!
alpha - no color
tint - the picture will look white/black
brightness - adjust the color of brightness
advance - all above
About the color.... at the 'fill color'~ 
after clicking the box to choose color....
at the down there, it got the gradient~ can choose that to add it!!!
The gradient of color also can turn around!!!
can turn it t make what u like!!!

After that i also have done another task in class....
'tomb rider'
It about mask too~
Put the layer u want it mask above the layer....
Then, at the picture u want it move~
create 'motion tween'!!
Just move the picture around....
then click the bar to let it create another keyframe
That's it!!!

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