Saturday, March 26, 2011

MAIU Japanese Buffet

Really an excited day...
my 1st time outing with my high school friends~
There're 5 of us!!
We have our dinner at MAIU
a japanese buffet~
It just near my house!!
From around 7.30pm to 10.30pm!
we really have it damn long!!!!
But i enjoy it very much!!
appreciate this chance so much~
I never hang out with my high school friends before!!!
We really damn full~
ate alot of sushi....
i really cant stuck in anymore!!!
But cant waste it~
if not have to pay for the left!!!!
Anyway. my friends help me to finish some of it!!!

 this is the best!!! luv it so much~ fresh.....

 it big and yummy... sashimi and prawn sushi~

 it taste DAMN salty to me!!! i not really like it~

 after for some time... it became like tis!!! soft~~

fishy fishy.... but i didn't ate much!!! cuz my tummy ady cant stuck in anymore!!!

taufu + rice

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