Monday, January 31, 2011

my 10th class on last wed

That day the class i think is the last class.... Ohh~ i'm gonna finish my course soon!!! But last week just about adding the embed in the webpage and create a form!! ^^

Adding the embed in is easy~ Just copy the code and paste in!!! But i face a big problem while doing the task!!! It drives me crazy~ No matter how i change the size, the thing (map, clock, etc) i wanna put also cant fit in!!! The website still out of shape la~ It had ruined by me!!! :(

Another one is creating the form by using the table! After that some need to include another table to separate it nicely, example like the language part!!! If not it cant separate orderliness!! First, type in the info you want people to fill in example like the name, age, address, language, so on~ All this also can complete by choosing the 'form' at the 'insert' there!! For the name, something that just need 1sentence... can use the 'textfield'!! It can also control the max character it can include and the width of character!!! Then the address, something that need few sentences can use 'textarea'!! We can control how many number of lines you wanna put~ For the language, something you can tic, either you choose one or more can use the 'checkbox'!! At the 'checkbox name' and 'checked value' need to name it!! The other one will be the gender, it almost similar to 'checkbox' but it can choose either one only, it can done by using the 'radio button'!! And it need to name it too~ Just like the previous one - checkbox!!! About the payment, something that you have choices for people to choose, example like either pay it by bank or cash can use 'list/menu'!!! What you wanna put to let people choose by adding the name at 'list values'!! The last part is when the people has complete the form wanna click to 'submit' can use the 'button'! At the 'action' can choose either 'submit form' or 'reset form'~ For the submit & reset part, choose the 'form' at the 'properties' there to include a mail address in the 'action', type in 'mail to: email address', so that after the people can send the complete form to you!!! Done!!! ^^

This class has two task need me to complete it!!! So, fighting!!!

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