Wednesday, September 7, 2011

my 4th photoshop class

1st: Photo Edit
1. Ctrl+J
2. Filter --> Blur --> Gaussian Blur
3. Blend mode change to 'Soft Light'

2nd: Merge
1. Open all the picture wanna merge
2. File --> Automate --> Photomerge
3. Click on the 'Add open files' and choose 'reposition'

3rd: Crop
1. Open a picture
2. File --> Automate --> Crop and Straighten photos
3. Save the picture 1 by 1 and flip the picture to correct position

4th: Repair old picture & Color
1. Open a picture, Image --> Mode --> RGB Color
*** Change it only can do coloring
2. Choose 'Spot Healing Brush Tool'
*** For the background/sampled pixel to the pixel being heal
3. Retouch all the spot that unnecessary (by clicking)
4. Choose 'Healing Brush Tool'
*** The color area healed will follow the color surround it
5. Click+Alt (copy a sampled) only retouch with the area that imperfection
6. Choose 'Clone Stamp Tool'
7. Click+Alt
*** At the area between the clothe and background
8. Choose 'Brush Tool'
9. Paint each part in each layer
*** Eye in 1layer, Hair in 1layer, etc
10. Change the Mode to the one that look nice
*** Multiply, Soft Light, Color
*** Use the 'Eraser Tool' to remove the unwanted part 
*** Must change it to 'Normal' mode before erase/paint it
11. 'Group' all the layer that had painted
12. 'Duplicate Group' and 'Merge Group'

5th: Clone Stamp Tool
1. Click+Alt at one of a building
2. Click at one spot and start paint out
*** Another similar building will shown
3. Click+Alt simply at a spot
4. By clicking at the unwanted area to remove it
*** Keep repeating step 3&4 to make it look natural

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