Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mid Valley on Sun

Just back from Mid Valley....
i have my 1st pet exhibition experience~
Really curious about that!!!
Now, i know is what happening there~
Alot of people bring their dogs there!!
Can see human & dogs around....
quite interesting!!!
Most of it also products....
alot of cheap stuff there!!!
Women favorite -- Promotion

we have our high class tea time at Coffee Bean!!
Such a nice & enjoyable afternoon tea~
I have 'pure mocha ice-blended'
Yum Yum Yum.....

After that expensive tea,
i have shopping with mom!!!!
Get to buy myself 3pair of socks!!

And we saw a BIG pirate ship deco there!!!
Such a huge ship!!!
But i didn't bring camera there.....
really such a waste!!!
Actually is the promoting of 'Pirates of the Caribbean'!!!
Really make me wanna watch this movie so much!!!

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