Wednesday, May 25, 2011

my 1st firework class plus some Flash

1st: adding music in
1) create a shape
2) F8 > Button
3) double click into 'symbol 1'
4) F6 until 'down'
5) at 'down' there pull in a song
6) click on the 'down', at the 'properties', 'Sync' change to 'start'
7) back to 'scene 1'
8) create another shape as a button to stop
9) F8 > Movie
10) double click into'symbol 2'
11) F9 > Frame > stop
12) F8 > Button
13) F9 > click on the button, Button > on (release) > stopAllSounds();

Today i have started my 1st fireworks class....
Just some basic and learn how to arrange~
design too~
Sir says....
i must speed up myself so that i can use this as my earning tool!!

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