Wednesday, May 4, 2011

my 7th flash class

Today class is about movie vs graphic....
What's the different between them~
movie can make anything i want!!
any movement without knowing how much keyframe is it!!
But for the graphic....
If the animation already set as 12keyframe~
then everything must follow if not the animation will just run half way or funny looking (kik kik)

Crate a movie....
1) create your image
2) F8 and make it as movie
3) double click at the image to symbol 1
4) F8 and make it a graphic
5) at any keyframe press F7
6) click 'classic motion'
7) make the turn CW or what
8) back to 'scene 1'
9) resize your image if u want or add more image
10) make your animation at 'scene 1' 
(F7 at any keyframe > create 'classic tween' > pull the image to where u want > if wanna make it different  position, F7 at the keyframe u want)

That's it!! 

Creating the 'button'....
1) create an image
2) F8 and make it as 'button'
3) double click to 'symbol 1'
4) F8 and make it as 'movie'
5) F6 at 'over', 'down', 'hit'
6) click at 'over', from there 'double click' the image
7) make the animation there <example color change, the image become bigger and so on>
8) continue the same step at 'down'
9) at 'hit' there, clear all the words or thing u make at step 7 & 8 so that it'll hidden

That's it!!!
Today Sir ask me about wanna work for part time job or not....
And finally i'm brave to answer 'YES'!!!
Hopefully i can get the job!!! ^^

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