Wednesday, April 13, 2011

crazy day...

I cant even sleep at the whole nite~
probably becuz of mom had admitted!!!
The end i cant stand of it~
i cant even control my tears....
it rolling in my eyes~
The end it drop...
Luckily that time already mid nite!!
Feel like mom sick is becuz of me!!!!
She's too stressful taking care of me and the whole family~
If im not like this....
she will be enjoying her life!!
travel around the word!!!

Early in the morning....
sis wanna helps me to change~
but she not really expert with it,
that's why she changes it for damn long!!!
At least finally she gets to change it!!! ^^
Then, grandma call me around 9am....
ask me to stay there!!
When she prepared everything,
but the end i didn't get to go
cuz dad told aunt that mom gonna discharge this afternoon!!!

The whole day keep on no electric~
Keep on stop and on~
It was so hot and i feeling not comfortable!!
Maybe is becuz of my sickness bladder~

That day should have class....
but becuz of mom just recover and duscharge from hospital,
so i didn't go for class!!!
This was my 2nd time skip my class!!! :(
But i have to be considerate of mom problem!!!

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