Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Today mom should be taking me to grandma house...
Cause mom going out and else where wif her friends~
After so much stress she takes
now and today is the day for her to relax!!
But there's something happen
so, mom didn't get to take me there!
At 1st i really upset~
but i know that mom really has to rush if she brings me there.
I can watch my movie or do my things at home~
It not a problem for me!
Because of me~
my mom feel so sad...
I can see it through her face!!
I just answering my cousin through skype
mention that i'm sad because i can't manage to go to grandma there!
I really didn't mean that~
I feel so guiltiness because of my word
make mom feel unhappy
She always stay at home after the maid left~
Everyday surrounded by housework....
Sometimes really make me so depress
if there's no 'SHW' exists in this world
my mom won't suffer all this!!!
Maybe mom can has her own hobby,
own life~
Everything will be different from now!!!

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