Wednesday, October 12, 2011

my 8th photoshop class

1st: Make up using brush tool
1. open a image
2. Ctrl+J to copy
3. Brush tool > click Alt at a place to get the color of the skin
4. open a new layer
5. simply use white 'brush' draw a line at the teeth
6. use smudge tool to make it blur abit
7. lower the opacity of this layer

2nd: Add hue/satuuration
1. place a building picture
2. add 'outer glow'
3. place a background
4. place a tree
5. 'create new fill adjustment layer' at the left bottom
6. choose 'Hue/Saturation'
7. 'Alt' within the 'hue/saturation layer' & 'tree layer'
8. adjust the 'hue/saturation'
9. open a new layer
10. use 'polygon tool' draw a light
11. repeat step 5 & 6
12. adjust the light layer 'Fill' to lighter

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